My name is Rhonda Lewis aka River. I’m a disciple of Jesus Christ, a writer and also a survivor. I have endured many traumatic events in my life and by GOD’s grace I am here today to share many of those stories. This outpouring will give you an intimate view of my life.

That means being an open book concerning the things I’ve endured and/or currently going through. This blog is my personal journal and was created to bring hope to those who are wounded. What I have to share is based on real life issues that people experience every day. I am addressing things that pertain to life and my walk with GOD.

I believe in keeping it real and I make no apologies for being forthcoming about the details of my life. After all, it’s my experience and this is a place where no masks are being worn. My hope is that this blog will cause anyone who reads it to look to Jesus for the answers to all of life’s questions.

Thank you to the visitors and those who have supported this site. To GOD be the glory! May the LORD keep you. Amen.

By His Grace,



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